Dear Clients, we know you are a bit scared when requesting for tenders you have to choose your ICT partner. Because though you are accountable for the success of projects you have to entrust that ICT partner to do the job. Let us you know : we feel a bit worried too. Every new assignment is a calling into question for the team members. What matters is that both of us are aware of that. And the key factor to succeed in what we will undertake together is to know each other.

So, let us introduce you to PRAXEME-SI members and our way to manage our business

PRAXEME-SI’s management steers the company like a consultancy company in which everyone is responsible for his/her job, with a (checked) autonomy. All the employees (and subcontractors – it makes no difference) must follow the instructions based on TQM (Total Quality Management) principles. For instance, the senior manager gets a monthly work done report written by the IT consultants. They then together prepare the mission follow-up they will suggest to do regularly with the Client. After the meeting, a written report is shared between PRAXEME-SI and its Client.

- We are all of us born “Customer Service Oriented”, concerned to deliver the expected work

- We care about customer insight

- We participate in the recruitment of our colleagues and have a say in the drafting of the PRAXEME-SI procedure manual

- We can achieve our work within Client’s teams or in teleworking mode (being in a remote office) as well

- We are tidy and very respectful of the instructions

- We are open-minded, able to adapt to our customer’s environment (human, organizational, technical)

- We are human relationships driven

- We love our job if it makes sense for both Client and us and if we are recognised true worth

- We never hide our weaknesses, we want to make the projects safe

So, PRAXEME-SI’s IT consultant internalise automatic reflex that enable to set up a light structure. The support like accountancy and payroll are externalised. All the staff, managers included, can undertake invoiceable assignments.

Yes, difficulties, successes, worries, satisfaction, transport annoyance are shared evenly between all PRAXEME-SI’ members ! As our strong team spirit builds day after day our company. And PRAXEME-SI is like a mom-and-pop place with a family mind-set !

PRAXEME-SI’s employees secured with written instructions in order to mark their mission or work out

- how-to books, guidance, pointers to manage a bid, to up-date a CV, to prepare an interview, to handle an assignment, to lead a project and so on

- templates for project documents

- instructions for defraying travel expenses, for requesting for leave and so on.


We offer our skills and know-how to all project stakeholders : we can come along with project ownership as well as with IT team to build and run the solutions, with time and materials or fixed-price contracts, sometimes with temp-to-perm option, within the Client’s premises or remotely.

We are used to apply project management method (waterfall like MERISE or agile like SCRUM) or to follow good practices to delivery services (like ITIL).

But we will not propose cutting-edge technology or method we do not master. We consider ourselves as good followers in order to come up with the right solution to meet the Client’s needs.

The array of abilities range from beginners to seasoned consultants, from Information Systems (projects), Business Intelligence to IT support, Infrastructure and Security, from everlasting technologies (COBOL, GAP, RPG, ADELIA, PACBASE, POWERBUILDER etc.) to new ICT (JAVA, .NET, PHP etc.), in a lot of business sectors like banking, insurance, e-sales, retail, BtoB, logistics, industry …

Wherever you are in our area of canvassing (North France included Paris, Belgium, Luxembourg), do not hesitate to contact us for any request : after study, we will swiftly answer whether we could be a good fit or it may be mismatch.


The Project Management Institute (PMI) has released a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for both practitioners and volunteers. Like the global project management community we agree that the most important values that form the basis of decision making and guided actions are responsibility, respect, fairness and honesty.



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